My Questions, My Answers – Jonathan Ferrini



How old were you when you began writing? What was the inspiration?

I was writing in the sandbox of kindergarten, making up stories spontaneously. I began seriously writing again in high school, and later in my MFA program at UCLA. My inspiration is the belief that writing is in “my blood.” I come from a family of writers.

Did you continue writing, and if so why?

I write every day. It’s as important to me as breathing and nourishment.

When did you realize you were a dedicated writer? Was there an “aha!” moment, or did it just happen?

On a lonely country road on Orcas Island off the coast of Seattle. I imagined a bear standing in the road, waving us down, and asking for a ride because he was late for the “Christmas Party”. This inspired my sister who was in the car to encourage me to begin writing after a long absence. I’ve published 30 short stories to date.

What philosophy inspires your writing the most?

The best and worst in humanity.

Who are your favorite writers and why?

Tennessee Williams captures the grit of the human condition as if he’s pulling up an old carpet, exposing the human vermin underneath. He was a courageous pioneer of subtly exposing previously taboo sexual mores into his stories.

What are you currently reading?

Nothing. I don’t want any influence on my own Individual voice.

What advice would you give developing writers?

Speak your own voice. Ignore criticism and keep writing. Writing is like a muscle, the more you exercise, the better you get!


Jonathan Ferrini is a published author who resides in San Diego. He received his MFA from UCLA in motion picture and television production.