Three Poems by Sukanta Mandal




That Person

I am the person of famine
I am the person of humiliation
I am the person of curses
I am a person with many sufferings.
You can kill me at any moment
And don’t have to make
Any excuse to anyone.

But I want to say something.
I want to reveal storms
I want to reveal rivers
I want to reveal cyclones
I want to reveal trees
I want to bath in rain
I want to get wet in dew drops.

I want to chase away my words
Like the wild horses,
Just like crazy blood flows
With the slow pace of the eyes,
Like a gathering of teen-aged boys.

I want to break all your trends
Like the breaking of tea-cups.
But I want to do something
And I want to say something…
Who doesn’t understand me
Won’t understand the roaring of tigers.



I came here limping with this life.
No, no, it’s not a Life—it’s a Death!
This Death—An Absurd and Heathen!
This Death—The roasted banality!
This Death, where the glories fall down!
This Death, which limps
from one banality to another!

All these vain Deaths are nonsense,
Spread by my open conscience
Which is sadly meaningless.
Just a phosphorus burning object!
And I’m alone in this dazzling scene of dawn
Where the monsters of doom come rushing
And fall down in silence!
That’s a selection of ashes,
of disaster and of destruction!



Accept me as I am.
I’ll never make
myself fit for you!
And I am seen occasionally.

When great thoughts
flash in my mind
I snatch away
the beautiful red of clouds,
or the care of rains
or the suggestion of winds.
Don’t sit
still like that.

I came out
of an egg yolk
that keeps me
isolated from myself.
I pushed the water
that surrounded me
with the blood-belt
and I left.

I am the only one
who has reserved my seat
on the last train
at the last launch
of the last water column.
I’m the only one
talking to the last grief.
And yes,
I will take a sip
of the first drop
of a virgin’s milk!


About the Author

Sukanta Mandal is a student of English Literature. He has just completed his Masters from the University Of Gour Banga, Malda, West Bengal. His interests include English and Bengali poetry. Several of his writings have been published in renowned newspapers, magazines and journals. In addition, he is interested in wandering alone and mindful living.