Poems by Yuan Changming




           Fiction hit
The fact hard, and ran

    With truth per se
Being the only witness


Listening to the Wind

You left there in old age
                                         A snow ball off the slope

Heard a bus to heaven (or to hell)

          Heard a field without any crop growing there
Which may have been reserved for an alien growth

                     Heard a young girl across the street
Dancing around a crowd of robots getting newly old

           Heard a bomber taking off the New Foundland
While frogs were singing a lost monody
                     On the other side of the world at midnight

Heard a key hit hard before a blinking screen
           & a naked body turning & twisting constantly on bed

Heard a couple of blackbirds tangoing on a powerline
               & myriad leaves falling against autumn

Heard an icicle beginning to melt under the afternoon sun
                                         Ready to shed tears in memory
     Of last storm:

                        Shhh, my Lord, just let sounds
                        Fill up my ears, and heart stealthily


Snowing in Spring

In the wild open west, flakes keep falling
Like myriad baby angels knocked down from Paradise

Blurring the landscape behind the vision
Hunting each consonant trying to rise above

The ground. The day is brighter, lighter &
Softer than the feel. Soon there will be

Dirty prints leading to everywhere (or nowhere)
& no one will care how the whole world will collapse
In blasphemy. The missing cat won’t come to
Trespass the lawn, nor will the daffodil bloom

To catch a flake drifting astray. Nobody bothers even to think
About where the season is held up on its way back, how
The fishes are agitating under the pressure of wintry
Water, why people wish to see more and more snow


Refracted Reflections

1/ Inner Penetration

Dripping, constantly
          Into the heart
                       Of the rock
    Quietude splashes
Over its whole being
          Inside out

2/ Transporting

Once the road begins
                       To run forward
    The car can drop us off
           At any destination
Beyond earthly traffic

3/ Spiritual Freedom

For every human soul, there is
               A whole patch
Of sky (or heaven), where
  It can fly freely
        Only if it can find
A taking-off position up there


About the author:

Yuan Changming currently edits Poetry Pacific with Allen Yuan in Vancouver; credits include ten Pushcart nominations, the 2018 Naji Naaman’s Literary (Honour) Prize, Best of the Best Canadian Poetry, BestNewPoemsOnline and 1,479 others worldwide.