Poems by Gabriel Rosenstock



Corpse of the Sweet Mouth

I am searching for the body
of Amulya Barua
           twenty-four year old poet

His body—Assam’s own Lorca—
never found
           never cremated

How will we know his body
when we find it
              still singing


Singing Its Heart Out

I’m listening
to the singing bowls of Tibet
According to the website
they contain metal from a meteorite
This precious metal
reminds us of the Void
Do I need to listen
to singing bowls
in order to reach the Void
Is it not already in me

what else loudly sings its heart out


To My Parents

Osho . . . never born . . . never died . . .
                 (Osho’s epitaph)

When you coupled
as One
you conjured me—
the One—
out of the universe where I’ve always been
into this world
of night and day:
Mother, how can I not hold on to your breast
and taste of the Milky Way!



The above poems are from the collection Glengower (Poems for No One in Irish and English) published by The Onslaught Press.

About the author:

Gabriel Rosenstock is an Irish author and poet. He is the author of numerous collections of poetry, essays, translations and other literary works. He writes both in Irish and English. He also writes for children, in prose and verse.