Two Poems by Kalyani Bindu

Pic by Alex Wong


My Imagination of You

My imagination of You departs
like an impending recollection of a dream-
a narrative between shadows, colorless
with welcoming, stretchable dimensions,
lily shadows in blue water-
requiems of an impending tale.

My imagination of You departs
like a cartographer-
a maker of narrative between shadows,
a colonizer of collectibles
from your fugitive presences.


Purple Flowers in Dreams

Purple flowers sprout
like an omnipotent thought,
from a distant, cloudless
crevice of his eyes
(there and everywhere),
like peace, hibernating
in some crevice of sweet time-
purple flowers in dreams.


About the author:

Kalyani Bindu is a poet and an aspiring biologist working as a research assistant in the Indian Institute of Science. She was a columnist in White Crow Art Daily. Her poetry collection has been published under the title  ‘Two movie goers and 32 others‘. Her poems have appeared in the Madras Courier, Indian Review, Ethos Literary Journal, White Crow Art Daily, Navalokam, Bhashaposhini and are forthcoming in Muse India.