Poems by Klaudia Rogowicz

Pic by Aleksandar


Death in Alabama

Girl, don’t go to Alabama!
They will bury you without coffin and call a slut.


Brad Pitt’s a (wo)man 

He puts a makeup while she paints moustaches. They wear the same skirt. Half-Gods and Demi-Gods are chosen by falling angels to perform in Holy World Cabaret. The show starts every day. All tickets have been sold since they started with their war plays.


Poem about politics

I saw your pictures in the newspaper. I really appreciated you but then your ideas have changed and you make me nervous.
Politics is just like love and hate. One day you are in love and other you say goodbye. But what about people still believing in not truly words?


You love him because he is dead

You are like a fey. You still have crushes on dead people. You are a crazy fey from fucking Neverland. You still browse Tumblr, Youtube, “1000 historical figures I would like to fuck” lists looking for delight. You can’t go forward because you’re fey.


Space Open

It’s a poetic slam time ,
angles are listening us and giggling.
They suppose we are a bit crazy.


About the Author

Klaudia Rogowicz ( born 5th April 1987) –  Polish poet, drama, screen and story-writer. Her poems have been published in many Polish and foreign magazines. Her story Geography Lesson has been translated in German and published in a Polish-German anthology concerning childhood. She writes both in English and Polish. Her poem in English has been published in Dying Dahlia magazine. Her interests are: music, art, history, religions, gender and LGBT issues as well as mysticism.