Poems by Taylor Dibbert

Pic by Prem Pal Singh Tanwar



House of Cards

Getting married
Too quickly
Means building
A life inside
A house of cards
And then everything
Falls apart
And things burst
Into flames
And he hopes
That he’ll
Always remember
The carnage
And the pain
And the walls
Smeared with blood
But more
Than anything,
If loves comes
For him again,
He hopes that
He’ll remember
To slow down.


The Bourbon Exception

He doesn’t really
Like sweets
And has always
Been into
Salty things,
There is
Of course
The bourbon exception.


Life Savers

Poetry and his dog
Saved his life,
It’s something
That he’ll
Never forget.


About the Author

Taylor Dibbert is a writer, journalist, and poet in Washington, DC. “London,” his second full-length poetry collection, is due out in March.