Poems by Ranjith Sivaraman

Pic by Reza Fahlavi



Cloak of Solitude

When her eyes are blank and cold
When there are no ripples of warmth
When they are like a frozen brook in a new moon night
When they look at me still perceive no image
When the darling shy dews are missing
When I keep searching for the sparks of her soul
When her lips forget to make curves
When her smile hides in serious thoughts
When her love falls in a lonely meditation
My Heart again fights with me
My Mind again starts missing me
My Soul again wears the cloak of solitude.


The Secluded Silences

Temptations are wings
And addiction, the sky.

Ever roosting bats
Never ending hunts in dark

Condensed stalactites, Cenotaphs
Of secluded silences and tears

Will the surgeon ever find
The last thought, frozen emotion,
The missed kiss, lost mist
And the never born goosebumps?


Sonnet to SPB

You are the sweet mist in my labyrinth
The feast of gooseberry to sweet stream
The letter from the moon to Macbeth
The taste of blueberry with a wild scream

When you sing, I dream of a starry night;
Bloom in a spring of goosebumps
I feel autumn in my sober heart
And my sorrows fall as leaves

I cry and tears make me blind
I sigh and lips hold my breath
I lose in past as a hummingbird
And take the greatest leap of faith.

My ears deliquesce in a celestial river
And ripples dance on my soul floor.

[Note: S.P.Balasubrahmanyam, popularly known worldwide as SPB, was a legendary Indian playback singer / musician with many thousands of songs to his credit.]


About the Author

Ranjith Sivaraman is an upcoming Poet from Kerala, India.. His poems merge nature imagery, human emotions, and human psychology into a gorgeous tapestry. His poems have been published in various literary magazines. 
For more of his works please visit: https://ranjithsivaraman.com/selected-work/