Poems by Ramesh Dohan

Pic by Steve Johnson



Winter’s Chapter

In my garden
The flowers
have withered. Clouds
gather for snow. Wind
shakes the branches
My cat steps to a window
Wonders where mice go.
Perhaps he blames me
I can only sympathize
The grass is now yellow,
And the willows
have lost their leaves
Suddenly sparrows dart
From a tree. They look
Tasty and my cat can
Wish. But today
He will eat
From his dish.


Republic of Love

His shirt fluttering
In the wind

Is the only flag
I love

When he is translucent
The sky appears
To him

Through the endless search
Came the invention
Of his eyes

He fought many wars
But is no match for
His own despair


Postcards of my Heart

It was on some fortunate day
that you decided to wrap your fingers
around a violin and weave
a composition on the month of May.
It has often kept me up
way past the midnight hour
and I have very nonchalantly hummed
all the licks and the riffs
that have lingered
in the back of my throat
like something extremely sour.
I don’t understand music like you did,
and probably never will
my beloved’s skin as she sits


About the Author

Ramesh Dohan hails from the city of Toronto. He earned a BA from the University of British Columbia. His poetry often slips into quirky, tender, or profound observation on the everyday, reading and writing, and poetry itself. He has also seen his poetry published in several literary journals including Toronto Poetry Magazine (2020), Trouvaille Review (2021), Bosphorous Review of Books (2021), Bengaluru Review & Pine Cone review (2021).