Poems by Jaya Abraham

Pic by Steve Johnson



Stargazers’ night

The sky spreads
A vast canvas of dreams
The street sleeps
Moon, the big mom
Paints silver
Across my window.

Aldebaran, ardent follower
Steals a wink,
At the Pleiadean sisters
Their skirts twirling
Fantasies, my red stars,
Never burn out.

The night is dark enough
For the hunters
Betelgeuse furiously shining
As my worries fade,
Sirius spells patience
Light years away.

I name them all Love
There is some time left
To watch stars and buy roses
Dream at the edge of the fire,
There is some night left
Until the morning pollutes us.


Tattoo Memoirs

When he searched for love
At the nape of my neck
I tattooed a crab there
One that hugs my veins fiercely.

When his fishing nets
Fell twirling into
The very depth
Of my amber eyes
I added a kingfisher
Diving deep into my blues
Forking out a fish
And a crane meditating
On the shore.

With his fingers on my calf
I added serpents
My shoulders wearing
The dreamy stars
Flowered, flames
Of a furious Poinciana.
When he embarks in search
Of another continent,
Languid in the sorrows
Of the tepid oceans
I turn myself, into
A forest, dark and green
Nurturing many animals
The vortex of a tropical storm
Whirling on my forehead.


Like it or not

I hold my shoulders tight
And head high,
I kiss cheeks harder,
Laugh louder,
And sleep deeper.

I spin stories,
Glistening in truth,
Hold my sail strong
Weathering my storms fair.
There’s no prince
Or savior to wait for.

My love never grew tall
Like the yellow erect bamboo bush
But, flourished patiently
A lichen carpet over my rough edges
Brown in summer
Lush green in nightly rain.


About the Author

Jaya Abraham teaches economics and statistics at Abu Dhabi University. Her interests include writing poetry and translating English poetry into Malayalam. She writes poems as an expression of her reaction to the world around her. Her work has been published in major online portals. Apart from writing poetry, she is also interested in green and mindful living.