Poems by Isidoros Karderinis

Pic by Anni Roenkae


The reader

I read with pleasure the books
That writhe at my touch
Their pages full of lines
That mirror their soul.

In them I found the golden light.


A road with three buildings

In the road’s beginning a new building
Bathed by the sun’s golden rays.

In the middle of the road a worn building
Tortured by the time’s touch.

In the end of the road a bony building
Drown in a black cloud.


The sun that burns

The sun that burns in the sky
Belongs equally to everyone.

But there are people
That have never seen it.


The plucking

I remember when we were kids
In our carelessness
We were plucking margaritas.

Now, in life’s hole
We are plucking the nights with moon.


I’m getting lost

My island
In the morning’s fog.

My seagull
Spent his hours

My heart
Got tortured
By the whirlwind’s

Now a clot
Rolls in my veins
And I’m waiting
To kill me.


About the Author

Isidoros Karderinis was born in Athens in 1967. He is a journalist, novelist and poet. He studied economics and completed postgraduate studies in tourism economics. His articles have been published in newspapers, magazines and websites around the world. His poems have been translated into English, French and Spanish and published in poetic anthologies, literary magazines and literary newspaper columns. He has published eight books of poetry and three novels in Greece. His books have been translated and published in the United States, Great Britain, Italy and Spain.