LIFE – Limericks by Sukanta Mandal

Pic by Lukas Rodriguez




In life, we all face a duet,
Like a cigarette’s fiery onset.
We spark into being,
Moments worth seeing,
But too quickly, we’re gone, and yet…

In the pages of life, we roam,
Like a tale within chapters, we’re shown.
There are twists, there are turns,
Lessons each page confirms,
From the start to the end, we have grown!

Life falls like rain from the skies,
Refreshing the earth, we realize.
Sometimes it’s a drizzle, so light,
Others, a tempest, in flight.
But through storms and showers, we rise!

Life’s like the sun in the sky,
Bringing warmth as the days go by.
With its golden embrace,
It brightens each space,
Filling hearts with a radiant sigh!

Life dances like the moon in the night,
Casting a soft and gentle light.
Through phases it goes,
In shadows and glows,
A journey that’s ever so bright!

Life’s like a river, it flows,
Through valleys and highs, it bestows.
With twists and turns,
It meanders and learns,
Navigating the path as it goes!

Life climbs like hills and mountains so grand,
Challenging us to rise and expand.
With every step we take,
New heights we dare to break,
In the journey, strength and resilience are fanned!

Life soars like a bird in the sky,
With wings spread, it learns how to fly.
Through winds and through storms,
It adapts, transforms,
In freedom and grace, it gets by!

Life slithers like a snake on the ground,
With twists and turns, it can astound.
In shedding old skin,
A new chapter begins,
Embracing growth that knows no bound!

Life’s like a day, swift and bright,
From dawn till dusk, in full flight.
With hours that pass,
Moments amassed,
Embrace the sun’s gift, with delight!


About the Author

Sukanta Mandal is a student of English literature. His interests include English and Bengali poetry and fiction/short stories. Several of his writings have been published in renowned newspapers, magazines and journals including Modern Literature. In addition, he is interested in wandering alone and mindful living.