Haiku by Richard E Schell

Pic by Frans Van Heerden



Fine crystal glazes
on stark winter branches form,
in quiet midnight 
Seek a higher path. 
As the mighty trunks may fall,
humble grass prevails
Rabbit drinks alone,
from beneath cold winter moon,
time’s stream eternal
Starlit evening pause,
down a silent forest path,
quiet now broken
Set sail lone seamen,
nature’s whim can conquest all.
Does the far bell toll?
Ambiguous glance,
What dare I anticipate?
Eternal moment
Unwavering faith 
What shortcoming, weakness
does it’s loss reveal?
The sword’s made strong only through,
repeat tests of fire and ice
Vast encroaching mist, 
the distant shore fades from sight,
then returns anew
Frost covered window,
announces winter’s advance,
lonely drop appears
How ends the battle?
When all illusions have ceased,
And true costs are seen
Flying beetle knows,
she must find a place to rest
in the heat of day
A mantis awaits,
the larva falls unaware,
drama enacted
Invisible trap, 
weaved spider’s avocation,
morning light ablaze.
Each morning’s task renewed,
nature’s determination
Dry red earth endures
beneath the sweltering sun,
clouds not to be found
Two dry leaves circle
an enduring winter dance,
awaiting spring’s arrival
Immortal willow,
gifts of wisdom and knowledge,
in nature is found

About the Author

Richard E Schell works in the biomedical field in California. He enjoys writing and has been published over fifty times in both the biomedical field as well as in fictional genres and poetry. He enjoys photography, literature, and travel. He also volunteers in animal rescue.

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