2 Poems by Anusree Raveendran




I know how to strangle my emotions

I know how to strangle my emotions
And to bury them underneath the realm
I wrap the corpse and cleared the notions
Resumed the trip, with a hollow soul at the helm.

The 19-year-old conscience sometimes spits it out
And the dead souls curse me for aborting them
Haunts me to not let them sprout
You can’t imagine that they ever existed on my stem.

In the end, I’m a cold-blooded murderer
Who slaughtered all those weeps behind the lashes
Choked my laughs beneath the lips like a torturer
And immersed my Love deep down inside the heart’s ashes.


All I could write is this much

Why am I unable to pen a cue?
My notes run out of breath, I, out of words
Pages dead and poems lost
All those midnight scribbles; curl up and suicide?
Empty soul and unwritten lines
Thoughts plugged my mind
It can’t respirate and is choked to death
There is no moon or tune in my sky
Maybe the stars died in me
And that’s how I became darkness,
Dawdling in this black hole, unlocking a hundred voids
All I could see is me after myself
All I could hear is the melancholy of my verses
All I remember are things I shouldn’t
All I could write is only this much.


About the Author

Anusree Raveendran is currently pursuing her graduation at SN Collage Alathur, Kerala. She adores the process of words turning into poetry, and is a young poet aspiring to touch great heights.