Two Poems by Anđelko Zablaćanski



Translated by Danijela Trajković


The Destiny of a Poet

Night had woken up poets from time immemorial
It opened their souls with the golden key
Then split the pictures of life
For any of those to seem small in comparison with a verse

Night had always been dancing tango of
Thoughts and feelings tides with a poet
In the middle of a boat without a sail and oars
And occupied with turmoil knowledge

Night had always been stealing poets
From the reality, the world and themselves
In order to give them power just before sunrise
To live in the verse for years


On a Poet

A poet is not a person who writes verses
But the one who lives them

A poet is not a person who lives verses
But the one who wrestles with a poem

A poet is not a person who wrestles with a poem
But the one who feeds it with his soul

A poet is not a person who feeds a verse with his soul
But the one who spends the night with it

A poet is not a person who does not sleep at night
But the one to whom God gives the word.



About the author:

Anđelko Zablaćanski (1959) is a Serbian poet, aphorist and translator. He has published seven collections of poetry. Was awarded in Russia at the Poetry Festival in St. Petersburg in 2014.Zablaćanski is the founder and editor-in-chief of the online literary journal Suštinapoetike. He lives and works in Glušci, Serbia.

About the translator:

Danijela Trajković holds an MA in English Language and Literature from the Faculty of Philosophy in Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia. She has authored numerous short stories and also is a poet, translator and reviewer. Published by literary magazines, newspapers and anthologies worldwide. Her first book “22 Wagons” was published by Istok Academia, Knjaževac, Serbia, 2018.