Poems by Shubham Agarwal




the still air cools down

breathing heavily

the window is a vessel
holding the evening

what calls out

counting the numbers
one after

the crowd jeers for the unnamable

lying upside down
thought seems impenetrable

throat remembers the irony
and decides to quit



an insect traverses the wall

speaking about looking

eye watches the lips
and lips speak to the eye

the hand holding the time

feet land on the surface

she proclaims that the inept silence
has got nothing to do with

face hiding behind the wall

opaqueness sticks to the skin

the arms superfluous
hang by the sides



It begins gradually
the choking
of chest

it rise from the feet

the gaze
tries to disentangle itself

like antlers

the altar on which
it was sacrificed
still reeks of indifference

the smell of touch
leads him to her nonexistence

he abandons himself
and tries to hold on to the



the sweating forehead
touches the wall
and leaves a trail behind

space on the window sill
unable to accommodate

the presence questions itself

a ball
rolling down the stairs
snatches a moment

the knee
is a discourse
waiting to be touched

a sensation
leaves the body
crawls across the room
climbs the wall
and suspends itself
from the roof


About the author:

Born in Sep 1990 in Bhopal, India, Shubham Agarwal graduated in Engineering from the same city. He writes in both Hindi and English . He works as a Technology Consultant in an MNC in Gurgaon, India. His Hindi poems have been published in some magazines and is  currently working on his first collection of Hindi Poetry. Above poems reflect his passion for experimentation with fragmented, non-linear poetry with abstract images.