Poems by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal




Shadow to Shadow

Moving from shadow to shadow
with the warm wind at my back
I have no preference between
the two shadows. When the
sun breaks through I do not flinch

because I do not look up.
Summers are brutal in the desert
and slightly kinder at night.

Make no mistake I search for
shadows. I prefer them by a long
shot over the less than tender
sunshine. It is an easy choice.
I choose night over the day.
The earlier it comes the better.

When I step out of the shadows
I do not take an easy stroll
unless the sun is down. I pick up
the pace in the summer days.


Absent Minds

In a race where the outcome is fixed,
the wild pack shows no remorse. It
is absent in feeling for the suffering.

The lacerations will be witnessed for
years for those who suffer. The wounds
will not heal for countless days and nights.

In a decision that is already decided
the voice of reason will remain silent
as a giant shadow envelops humanity.
Remorse will remain absent. Common

sense will slip and break its neck before
it reaches the finish line. There is no
mystery to what is happening. It is clear
to see that absent minds are in charge.


Messenger Bird

A window opens.
A bird enters.
It is a white bird
with a message
from death itself.

Why did I open
that window so
wide? Am I the one
that is going
to die and when?

This superstition
foretells my fate or
that of someone
I know. If the
bird dies then death

is sure to follow.
A bird opens
up its wings and flies
out. The message
is loud and clear.


Cold Wind

perfumes the sidewalks
with a brush of cold wind.
There is no escaping it.
It is far from fantastic.
The cold wind pierces my side
as though it is a frozen knife.
I feel it at the depths of my heart.
The cold wind came for me.
It came for everyone.
The suspended moon is a witness
from the heavens
in solemn whiteness.


About the Author

Born in Mexico, Luis lives in California, and works in the mental health field in Los Angeles. His poetry has been published by Kendra Steiner Editions, Piker Press, Pygmy Forest Press, Unlikely Stories, and Yellow Mama Webzine.