Poems by J.D. Nelson



the miller of the bee and the secret bee

to dream of spearmint and we laugh at the raisin hooks
saint sand that sandy and that art of the power is the shrimping

lord of the bowling
it’s the tree to ghelp inside of that dream

the aquaman of the loose run
church boil is the stew of a mart

the window to knot me a wicker tooth
that bear is the attacking hand of the canceled wood

the carbon was a lunch of the popcorn to be the steel name
to be the bigger window of the shrimp to be the brain of the brain

the clear name of the winter
that old day is the light of the hello

that slaw is the day of the plum
to win with my tigers


I know a coin of the dollar is the fox and burr of the whistle

salt is the price of the pumpkin
the lightning to win the egg

the dollar of the geranium crass
your worm is a head clown

in the fish of the country
the night to lose a heart of the sledge to grass me a dandy

the irish licorice of the talking ship
would you ever need a head of the in-line island?

charm is the blight of the fork
the silicone boat was the light

the rainbow and the malted milk
the area of the feather

wordsmurf is the leather yolk of the parrot starving a box of roaches

to name a new eye
             chuck roast the baloney

we sneak away using light
with the leather of the spoon

the feather is the begging foot
of the cat of the norse winking quadrant

that corn is the cake of the creek
this angel of the rope is the minus cough

to learn of the brash canceled head
serpent huck was a billionth of the night

bird was a burro and in the lake knowing
to lend a hand with pepper

the club of the famous earth to learn of the science
and that ball’s path was the leonard of the park

             freddy’s famished hoof

and that clack was the machine to bear the world
the science was a lub of the worth


About the Author

J.D. Nelson (b. 1971) experiments with words in his subterranean laboratory. More than 1,500 of his poems have appeared in many small press publications, in print and online. He is the author of several collections of poetry, including Cinderella City (The Red Ceilings Press, 2012). Visit www.MadVerse.com for more information and links to his published work. Nelson lives in Colorado.