Poems by Arya Gopi




Seven Kinds of Love


Love thrives
From kiss to kiss
As seasons sprout
from ecliptic secrets.

Love spurs
From lust to lust
As communities bud
from genetic curls

Love wind
From nothing to nothing
As time gyrate
from peccable poems

Love lurches
From limits to limits
As life demise
from nativity plays.


Love sways
From words to words
As penumbra moves
from silhouette bents.

Love stumbles
From ages to ages
As years trapeze
from excited hours.

Love rustles
From day to night
As humans agonize
from orgasmic torus


Genealogy of Catharsis

I taste a dialogue
mashed with emotion
I baste a diatribe
burned in sensation
I stage an action
Blazed by reaction
I dance a cosmic life
pirouetted in rhythm.

Several toes buzz
the gestures of a language,
a tongue sure
of its mother’s genealogy.

Words rise from
sepulchral depths
Voices blend from
pure poetic sibilance
Actions culminate upon
reciprocal body swaps.

Tears flame into freedom.
Melodies tame into liberation.
Laughs flash into exorcism.
Tragedies flare into catharsis.
Slogans blow into catastrophe.

Stage appearances
resemble real-life apparitions.
Illuminations alliterate
the uproar of sentiments.
Grammatical moves
mark the unruly survival.

A bare soul’s dramaturgy
never masquerade the time.
An auteur orchestrates
rehearsals of unaudited mimicry.
Theatre of a naked ichor
never impersonate the era.
But a deluge of countenances
cascade architecture of immortality !!


Next to godliness

An Unapologetic progeny
I belong to a marginalized roving race.
I writhe in dust
I thrash in filth
I walk in sludge.
The disorder is my array
Chaos is my cleanliness
Thirst for uprightness
is my sanitation.
I pray before the god of
Rough justice.
I get manifested
In the history of indifference
I dance
In the rhythm of pelting words
No one identifies it
No one believes it
No one witnesses it.
They laugh at my untidy dangles,
Cluttered swings,
My atypical leers
I write synchronous letters
on my black blank slate.
They vanish in the gale winds
When everyone looks
for what I have written,
I keep my thighs tight
away from all your
archetypes of slavery.


About the Author

Arya Gopi is a bi-lingual poet writing in both English and Malayalam, with half a dozen published books including four Malayalam poetry collections. Her first English title Sob of Strings was published in 2011. A contributor to major journals, she has won several awards, including the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Kanakasree Award. A PhD Holder in English literature, she teaches literature at the Calicut University.

More about her at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arya_Gopi