Four Poems By Edward L. Canavan

Pic by Jeswin Thomas


how close

false moves
by truth

the heart knows the lie
a little better each time around

falling one way
burning the other

the unwavering certainty
of loneliness to follow

but nothing is wrong
unless i never try again.


sleight return

memory has its shadows
cast in the low light
of lonely hours

of beauty’s remainder kept
of simple glance
or easy grace

of some small or strange thing
left in the corner of the mind

to suddenly
turn the tide of remembrance

from harmful
to healing.


stone blue

folded corners
dust and bones

the light becomes too dark
to see beyond at times

so wait

be where you are
even if it seems
to be nowhere

as life
lives thru you

its breeze
your breath

its shelter
your body

its song
your soul

in stillness
as in storm

somewhere deep inside
it is always known

all is well.


we’re all broken

not one can escape
the grinding gears

darkly stained
with the blood
of the heart

the mind a maze
turning more maddening
minute by minute

and here we are
inside of it all

tearing ourselves
and each other apart

running every which way

wills running riot;

our wounds
should never be
our shame

but our glory
and our reason

to emerge
from their


About the Author

Edward L. Canavan is an American poet whose work has most recently been published in The Opiate, Harbinger Asylum, and The Nervous Breakdown. His first poetry collection entitled “Wreck Collection” was released by Cyberwit Press in March 2019. Edward’s poems were featured as part of The Poetry of Place exhibit at South Pasadena City Hall Gallery in March 2020.    He is a native of the Bronx, NY and currently resides in North Hollywood, California.