2 Poems by Ruth Young

Pic by Amber Lamoreaux



You came in after dark
And stayed until early morning,
Creeping in softly as on tiny cat feet
To steal my heart away unexpectedly,
While I was washing dishes.
Did you think I wouldn’t notice?
As you softly spoke into my ears . . .
Words wrapping me up . . .
Pulling me gently toward you . . .
Surrounding me until I couldn’t escape.
I didn’t even struggle,
Accepting my fate.

I saw Death today
Sitting by the side of the road,
Watching and waiting.
But it wasn’t waiting for me today,
It was watching for someone else.
But I looked Death in the face,
And it looked back at me,
Unblinking, uninterested.
But it lifted its head in a nod of acknowledgement.
Because we both knew we were destined to meet again . . .
Just not today.


About the author:

Ruth Young, Monroe, Louisiana, is retired and enjoys travel, photography, and time with her family.